viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

Reach your agent

Final Alert!

This is a Final reminder that Your Reward voucher is still awaiting delivery in our transit point London (England). It has been on hold awaiting pickup since december,2014. You are expected to call or email us with your exact recipient address.
Kindly provide us with these Postal required Details FULL NAME:ADDRESS :TELEPHONE NUMBER :

From our database,it appears that your package is certisfied cheque coming from an online email lottery with a high priority (highly classified package),so you should attend to this case promptly. It is also advised that you confirm if you wish to come to our office in London for a personal pickup or if you want us to proceed with your delivery to you in your Address.

For more info, kindly reply with the required information to (Email: or call mr. Tom A. Lucas on +447448769707 . Note this is a highly valuable delivery and so,you must attend to all messages promptly.

Tom A. Lucas.
DCS International
(Delivery Agent)
Tel: +447448769707

lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

Our Charity Project!!

Dear Friend,

This is a personal email directed to you,I am Dave Dawes, My fiance and I won a Jackpot Lottery of 101 million pounds (101 Million GBP),and we have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of 1 million pounds (1 Million GBP) to you as part of our own charity project to improve the lot of 5 unknown lucky individuals all over the world plus close friends and family.

If you have received this email then you are one of the lucky recipients and all you have to do is to contact Barr.Eduardo with Code: BMTU1005 via email( ) so that he can send your details to the payout bank for fund disbursement.
You can verify this by visiting the web pages below.

Good luck,
Dave Dawes.

domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015

Estimado amigo

Estimado amigo,
Tengo una oportunidad de inversión con el fin de compartir con ustedes la transferencia de una gran suma de dinero.
Yo soy el señor Lubben Hendrik, yo trabajo para una institución financiera en Europa. Necesito su ayuda para la transferencia de una gran suma de más de $ 6.5million dólares .
Te aseguró que todo se hará legalmente sin problemas.
Una vez que el dinero se transfiere a su cuenta, vamos a compartir ratio que ambas partes acuerdan.
Ponte en contacto conmigo a través de mi dirección de correo electrónico privado:
Si usted está interesado, y te voy a dar más detalles.
Su pronta respuesta será apreciada.
Tuyo sinceramente,
Mr.Lubben Hendrik